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The Nunshen® brand name is based on a legend that originated approximately 4000 years

A luxury tea selection

ago. The legend begins with an Emperor in China called "Shen Nung", who was also a scholar and an herbalist. One day as he was boiling some water at the terrace of his palace when there was a gust of wind that carried the leaves of a nearby tree into the boiling water. As the leaves boiled and began to infuse, their beautiful scents and aromas filled his nostrils and drew the Emperor to taste the liquid. As soon as the fragrant liquid passed his lips he felt revived with a new energy and was delighted by the bouquet of flavors. This is how the delight of tea came to our knowledge!


Special teas




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Our teas are prepared in the most traditional way to preserve the aromas and flavors of the leaves.

Our muslins are made from biodegradable natural materials with no artificial additives. They are hand made with 100% cotton to allow our teas to express their aromas.


 The design is purposefully sleek to seduce a demanding clientele in search of modernity and quality.

When you choose Nunshen you will be a part of an environmentally respon- sible approach due to our certified packaging FSC (FSC Forest Stewardship Counci) / PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes) and participating in environnmental programs worldwide via our 1% for the Planet commitment.




Since decades we only select the best premium, fine and rare teas from around the world; we partner with worldwide famous Tea Masters.
Together with Tea Masters we have created the Nunshen Master Selection® which features the most exclusive teas representing the true art of tea that the most fine connoisseurs will appreciate.

Discover our Master selection.




To enable our fans to constantly awaken their taste buds and enjoy exploring new sensations the “Savoir Faire” of our experienced blenders and herbalists has brought us to perfect over time our home made blends and continue to craft our designed Nunshen Unique Selections®, by combining best teas with finest spices, fruits and herbs.

Discover our Unique selection.




Benefit from the knowledge and expertise of our world famous Master Expert. Exclusive tea blends have been selected to intrigue even the most relentless connoisseur.

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12237574_503882469792617_1838591107_nTop Hotels, Restaurants and Spas worldwide provide Nunshen. To name a few, the Georges Blanc (3 Michelin star since 1981) in Vonnas, France. Anne-Sophie Pic Restaurant (2 Michelin star) at the Relais Châteaux Hotel in Valence, France. Le Kintessence (2 Michelin star) at the K2 Hotel, Courchevel, France and The Miami Beach Edition Residences (Partner of Ritz Carlton) and The Royal Blues Hotel in Florida.

Nunshen is also provided by world-renowned customer care such as the Louis Vuitton Boutique in Miami and Mercedes in Boston.


12063139_931413193599912_1938220186_nSince 1938 we have steadily built our expertise by selecting the best premium, fine and rare teas from around the world. Our savoir-faire unified to our long partnership with renowned Tea Masters revealed Nunshen: a modern unique tea experience.


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These teas make my clients travel by their flavors, but also by the artisanal style bags. Very good choice of flavors with high quality leading...

Nunshen provided us with the perfect solution to our need to add tea to our coffeeshop. Also Nespresso customers and very satisfied of the taste.

Nunshen Tea brand is a great brand, and certainly adds value. The tea bags are well presented, and something different that brand from the others

Nunshen is a beautiful brand. The design and quality of the product is definitely an add value for our restaurant. All teas are naturals which...