A Luxury Tea Selection


 The Nunshen® brand name is based on a legend that originated approximately 4000 years ago. The legend begins with an Emperor in China called “Shen Nung”, who was also a scholar and an herbalist. One day as he was boiling some water at the terrace of his palace when there was a gust of wind that carried the leaves of a nearby tree into the boiling water. As the leaves boiled and began to infuse, their beautiful scents and aromas filled his nostrils and drew the Emperor to taste the liquid. As soon as the fragrant liquid passed his lips he felt revived with a new energy and was delighted by the bouquet of flavors. This is how the delight of tea came to our  knowledge!

An Environmentally friendly Tea Selection


Our definition of quality also includes taking care of our planet, as nature always offers us it’s best. We are proud to provide 1% of our sales to a network of 2,372 environmental organizations worldwide through 1% For The Planet. With the help of tea experts, Nunshen has created 3 categories of teas that encompass all pallets. Enjoy teas from our Master Selection™ a rare and exclusive blend of teas, Unique Selection™ an extraordinary and distinct collection and Essential Selection™ an aromatic and rich variety.